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July 17, 2012

Check Out These Blogs

At Romance Never Dies, Grace Pamer keeps us up to date on everything romantic. She posts great ideas and news about marriage proposals (including videos of real-life proposals), romantic dates, relationship tips, and much more. Her specialty is writing romantic love letters, and to help others learn how to do it she offers free ebooks and email updates. This site is a constant source of fun and inspiration.

Leslie Doares does not post very frequently on her Fearless Marriage blog. But what she writes is well thought out and to the point. She emphasizes the importance of honesty, honor and commitment in marriage, providing practical examples and advice, and challenging readers to ask themselves important questions about their relationships. I haven't yet read her book, but I'm looking forward to it.

Surprise Kiss is an upbeat blog that focuses on keeping romance fresh. Date night and weekend getaways are emphasized, and there are ideas for gifts and a romantic at-home atmosphere. The blog has advice on staying within a budget, and a weekly reminder to regularly save a little money for future fun.

In case you were wondering about the impact Facebook has on your marriage or how to protect your kids from cyberbullies, Techlationships is the place to find all the information you ever wanted about the effects of technology on relationships. They have statistics, examples, advice, and infographics. Here you will learn how to avoid common pitfalls and become a more aware and responsible member of the social network. The book, Facebook and Your Marriage, is another one I want to read soon.

Want more? I have a long list of blogs with plenty to say about every aspect of love and marriage.

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