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February 7, 2013

A Valentine Story

One year, early in our marriage, my husband and I decided to go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. Somehow, we didn't realize just how crazy it would be to try this without making reservations. The restaurant we chose was, of course, packed. And there were plenty of naive couples like us waiting for tables. We were told it would be a long, long, long wait.

There was one way to cut the wait short. The restaurant was filled with small tables, each occupied by just two people. The exception was one large table, intended for a party of six or more, that was empty. The manager said that if two couples were willing to share the space, they could be seated right away. Nobody volunteered. After all, Valentine's is a romantic evening, meant for gazing into our partner's eyes as we hold hands and whisper intimate endearments. This isn't a moment to be shared with strangers.

However, we thought this looked like a possibility. We could sit close together at one end of the table and completely ignore the couple sitting at the other end. No real problem. We told the manager we were willing to share, and were seated immediately. No one else accepted the offer, so we got a lovely, large table all to ourselves. The romantic experience of fine dining one-on-one was greatly enhanced by the satisfaction of being just a little more resourceful than everyone else.

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  1. LOL! Great story Rosemary. Be resourceful and adaptable and you can always have a great time. Romance doesn't have to be a table for two. It can be a table for 8, 10, 100, so long as you have private space.

    We did a similar thing once. We couldn't get seated so took two corner stools at the bar whilst everyone else cued. We got drinks right away, romantic bar snacks and a real fun and romantic time as we were well enough away from the crowd whilst enjoying something unique together.

    Romance is where you make it!

    Hope you guys have a great time next Thurs.

  2. This is a marvelous story about bucking the trend and adaptability. Tammy and I often find ourselves alone in cafes and restaurants because we are there when others cannot or do not want to be. I take it as an indicator that we are making good choices.

    Our environs are never really perfect which ironically means they always are. As long as we can be together, we can have a great time!

  3. Hello Rosemary. CJ and I discussed this post on our morning walk. He asked me if I'd read it, and then told me about it. He did a good job in the retelling!

    He pretty much explained how we do it. The Hoombah is ready for our senior citizen days - eating at 5pm in empty restaurants. We avoid crowds like the plague. Glad to see you and your husband getting creative. I bet there were many other patrons who wished they had your confidence!

  4. Oh that's too cute! We went out on Valentine's Day night 9 years ago and I don't know that we'll ever do that again. Oh my goodness! There were so many people I just wanted to go home and crawl into the bed :).

  5. what a fun story! Love how the Lord takes are of even the "little" things :)


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