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April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Us!

We have been blogging about marriage and romance for a full year!

Perhaps you are thinking that I refer to myself using the "royal we". Sometimes I do! But in this case I use we to refer to all the wonderful guest bloggers who have participated here. Their different points of view, fascinating facts, and great advice have taught me a lot. I really appreciate the added value they have brought to our readers.

The top five most-read posts for the past year are:
  • Words of Wisdom
    These inspiring quotes from relationship experts highlight the essence of successful marriages.
  • Jealousy is Not Romantic
    This post has been a favorite since it first appeared in May 2012. Jealousy hits us in the gut.
  • The Five Layers of Why
    This article by guest blogger Maggie Reyes appeared just last month, and has already become a favorite for its great problem-solving strategy.
  • Are You Trying to Drive Me Crazy?
    This one also appeared recently. It's about staying calm in the face of a spouse's crazy-making habits.
  • Be Spontaneous
    This article by guest blogger Larry James reminds us of the many ways we can bring excitement back into our relationships.
  • Showering Together? Really?
    Tied for fifth place. When I wrote this I had no idea so many people would be interested in soaping each other up.

2 fabulous comments:

  1. Happy Birthday, Rosemary! Keep on writing, and we'll keep on reading and commenting. We love hearing all about love and relationships and fun!

  2. Love these, especially Five Layers of Why. Good way to look at things.


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