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August 20, 2013

Cruising the Blogs

I have collected a long list of marriage and relationship blogs. The list has grown so long that I can't keep up with all of them every week. Here is a sample of a few I've looked at within the past several days.

Patty Newbold has been writing Assume Love for over six years. Her combination of deep compassion and practical solutions to tough problems is a winner. Patty looks for solutions to problems in a way that gives both partners what they want. Her approach is designed to help people discover more love without turning marriage into hard work, and without trying to change their spouses.

Speaking of Marriage is a startup marriage blog by psychotherapist Winifred Reilly. She says that her goal is to help people "make sense of why marriage is so predictably difficult, frustrating, and seemingly impossible to navigate." She has just a few posts so far, but all are top quality. Reilly writes insightfully about the commitment it takes to stay the course, overcome the obstacles, and create something worth working for.

The Great Jollyhoombah isn't always directly about marriage, but it is all about the mindset and lifestyle choices that make a great and satisfying marriage possible. C.J. and Tammy Renzi turned their lives around and have been having a fabulous time ever since. Their readers have a lot of fun, too.

Black and Married With Kids is one of the most prolific marriage blogs I've found. Typically, there are several new posts a day. There are many different contributors, with many points of view, so the quality varies. But nearly everyone will find something of interest here, including parenting advice, celebrity news, financial information, social issues, and relationship tips.

The Gottman Institute Relationship Blog is backed up by decades of solid research. Here you will find dozens of great articles with practical advice on how to build your marriage by following the best principles, and how to avoid, or recover from, the mistakes that can tear a marriage down.

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5 fabulous comments:

  1. I like all of the blogs you listed above, especially "Speaking of Marriage" and "the Great Jollyhoombah". You can find a lot of interesting, fun and funny information on marriage and relationship blogs. I definitely want to check out the rest of the blogs on your list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing this list of yours, Rosemary! I must have a peek at that Speaking of Marriage site, sounds marvy to say the least.

    "1 smart person said something:" This is clever, Rosemary and a lot of fun. I got a good long chuckle from it.

    And finally, thank you for listing the Hoombah. It makes me feel both smart and somewhat alluring, even if the latter is clearly not the case;)

  3. Oh, sorry to be a comment hog, but Thank you Elena for your kind words and we love your blog too! You last post is a real screech!

  4. Rosemary, I really appreciate you taking time to put this together as there is so much to sift through "out there" and, since we trust you, I am excited to hop on over and check out what everyone has to say!

    I think it is so important that when people are seeking support or just a good laugh, they have a place they can go to meet that need. I've tried to joke with people in the produce aisle, but choosing the right apple seems to be a very pressing issue, and I have to find my fun elsewhere - like on the Internet. I find it hard to believe that I have found such amazing people, like you, on a screen that was invented by humans and a dream.

    Thank you for your mention. CJ actually lifted up his laptop in the coffee shop and turned it around to show me what you had written. You have made our day, and even a squirrel hopping on our foot cannot compare to being mentioned on your site. We appreciate you!

  5. Thanks for your generous endorsement. As a blogger just starting out, your support means a lot.
    Great way to start my day!



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