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June 23, 2015

Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith

by Guest Contributor Jeanie Greensfelder

To Toast Or Not To Toast

I'm making toast.
Do you want some?
he asks.

I look up and say, Hmm…
I had a late lunch. I'm not sure…

My husband shakes his head.
He throws his hands up—
It's not a declaration of war,
it's just a piece of toast.

He stalks off.

He returns and says, I'm sorry.
I forgot how your brain works.
I ask a question and you answer:
Well…it's March, but it's Friday.
Is it raining? Let me think…

I look up and say,

Yes, I'd love a piece of toast.

Thoughts on Thoughts

One cold day, drying myself after a shower,
I notice my husband's towel hung over a heating vent.
If anything ever happens to him, I think,
I'll get the warm towel bar.

When I tell him my thought, he laughs and says,
I haven't pictured your demise since yesterday
when you ate the last chocolate.

"To Toast or Not to Toast" and "Thoughts on Thoughts" from Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith © 2015 Jeanie Greensfelder. Reprinted with permission.

Jeanie Greensfelder is the author of Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith. A psychologist and poet, she lives with her husband of 41 years in San Luis Obispo, California

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