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August 24, 2016

Once Upon a Time

by Guest Contributor Steve

Thirty two years ago today, I went to a party in Hollywood. A friend, Ann Davis, introduced me to one of her co-workers, a cute brunette with curly hair and a great smile, who sometimes spoke as if song lyrics were part of normal conversation. As a musician, whenever she would say Line A, I would respond with Line B, which I believe intrigued her just a bit. As we continued to talk, she pulled something out of her purse: an invitation to a housewarming party she was giving for herself the next week. Just carried a few extra on spec, I imagine.

Because there was literally no food at this party, Ann, this girl, and I went to Ann’s house for something to eat. Conversation ensued for several hours until the girl left to go home.

The following week, after playing it cool and not calling her, I showed up at her party with a plant and bottle of cheap wine. Because the she was being the hostess, the girl and I didn’t have much of a chance to talk. Hoping for a private moment, I waited until most of the guests left and got a chance to talk to her, asking that, although it was the last minute, would she like to go out the next night? After a moment’s pause, she agreed.

We went to hear some music and had a late dinner before going back to her place. Someone had given her a pint of Amaretto, and we spent half the night sipping and telling each other our life stories. About 3 AM, I left after a great kiss goodnight.

Waiting an appropriate amount of time (about 8 hours), I called and invited her up to my condo for a swim and BBQ. She said that she had to do laundry, and that let me use the classic line, “But I have a washing machine!” That did the trick.

We have been together ever since, and she is still my girl. There have been ups and downs, as with any long term couple – health problems, dealing with elderly parents, interpersonal issues – but I am grateful every day that we are still together.

For several years, on the anniversary of our meeting, we would take Ann Davis out to dinner to show our thanks. One year, we arranged to have her canonized as a saint in the Universal Life Church. She was thrilled as we presented her the certificate over dinner. Unfortunately, before the next year’s dinner, Ann became fatally ill and that was the last time we saw her. But to this day, we celebrate in her name.

Happy St. Ann’s Day, Westy. I love you more than ever.

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