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November 1, 2016


I did it last year, and I'm going to try again this year.

What is it? It's National Blog Posting Month, affectionately known as NaBloPoMo, where thousands of bloggers pledge to post something every day. At least, they pledge to try.

Years ago, my high school creative writing teacher told us that if we would just write something every day, we would gradually become better writers, and writing itself would become easier. He wasn't wrong.

Yet I often find myself plagued with writer's block. Sometimes I just sit there, staring at the screen. Sometimes I write something, then delete it, then write something else, then delete it, then rewrite the first thing, then delete it and try something different. This may go on for a while.

A little extra motivation in the form of a daily deadline may be helpful. If I know I must complete something, I'm more likely to let go of the perfectionism that leads to uncertainty and just get it over with.

The first day's post is easy enough, since writing that I'm going to write is simple.

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