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June 1, 2017

Letting Go

Starting a new way of life requires letting go of the old.

We knew we were serious when re-homed the cats. We were sad to say goodbye to them, but they couldn't stay with us, and they are very happy in their new location.

Friends and neighbors thought it was pretty interesting when we sold or donated most of the stuff we had collected over a couple of lifetimes. We put just a few things in storage.

When we sold the house we felt liberated. As much as we had once loved living there, we were ready to move on, and to be freed of the many responsibilities of home ownership.

Finally, we sold Steve's car. Driving that convertible with the top down was something he really enjoyed. But we only need one car for our trip, and it has to be the practical choice, the one with room for our luggage. From now on, it isn't "my car" and "your car" - it's just "the car".

This car is now somewhere else.

We have one suitcase each, a couple of small carry-on bags for incidentals, and our pillows.

We're on the road.

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