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Guest Posting Guidelines

I sometimes host guest bloggers at For Better - Or What?

Point of View. If you have read the blog, you should have a good idea about the general attitude here. I will not publish articles that advocate adultery, dishonesty, abuse or neglect. I will not publish articles that belittle or degrade women or men, or that are hateful towards groups or individuals. I will not publish advice that I consider dangerous, destructive, insulting, or ridiculous.

Links. I assume that you will include a link or links back to your website or possibly a site with which you have a business relationship. This is fine, as long as the links are not excessive. I will not accept links to porn sites, gambling, get-rich-quick schemes, "buy gold", payday loans, "meet beautiful women", political sites, or anything likely to be offensive to me or my readers.

Originality. Please make sure that you are the true author of your article. Provide proper citations for any quotations or paraphrases from other sources, and keep quoted material reasonably brief. I do not want to publish plagiarized material.

Editing. I may reformat your article, and usually I will use my own photos or illustrations. I may make small editorial corrections for grammar and spelling. If you write in British English, I will Americanize your spelling (and possibly some vocabulary).

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P.S. Have you read the blog? Do you know what this blog is about? Please make sure your proposed topic is relevant here. I am contacted several times a week by would-be guest writers who want to write about fashion, men's health, sports, and other topics that are not of interest here. I also hear from people who have no idea what they want to write about, asking me to suggest a topic. All these emails are marked as spam.

P.P.S. Can you write standard English? I often hear from people who do not seem to know the difference between plural and singular, between past and present, or between "is" and "are". They use words in very strange ways, and their sentences are not well structured. I don't know if these would-be writers simply lack education, if they are non-native speakers still attempting to learn the basics, or if the text has been generated by a computer. If you have not mastered the rules of basic English grammar, please do not offer to write a guest post.