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June 5, 2012

Bed Shopping

If you are shopping for a new bed, pillows, or anything else sleep-related, the website Sleep Like the Dead should be your first stop. They provide in-depth reviews, discussions and ratings of every kind of sleep-related product, including mattresses, sleeping pills, electric blankets, white-noise machines and insomnia treatments. There are tips and tricks for shopping, including how to return products.

Something that may especially pique the interest of my romantically married readers is the comparison of mattress types and sex suitability, based on data from actual mattress owners. They considered attributes such as bounciness and noise level. The data, just like everything else on this website, has been thoroughly analyzed, explained, and put into pie charts. The results just might surprise you.

1 smart person said something:

  1. I didn't realize so much analysis went into beds Rosemary! Wow will have to go check that out. Nothing worse than a squeeky bed after all especially if your mother in law has come to stay for a few weeks! ;-)

    I'll tweet this out for you.



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