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July 29, 2012

Differences Between Men and Women

Women have been shown in many studies to retain stronger and more vivid memories of emotional events than do men. This appears to be a reflection of physiological differences in the brain, not a sign of the level of involvement in the relationship.
Sue Johnson, Hold Me Tight

One common difference between the sexes is that men tend to place a higher value on autonomy, and women a higher value on intimacy.
Patricia Love, Hot Monogamy

Studies show women to be more sensitive than men to pain, except during the last few weeks of pregnancy.
Atul Gawande, Complications

Generally most women want sex when they already feel emotionally close, but for men sex is a way of becoming emotionally close.
John Gottman, The Science of Trust

Husbands who allow themselves to be influenced by their wives actually have more power in their marriages than men who don't. That's because wives who feel empowered and respected in their marriages are more likely to go along with their husband's ideas and suggestions as well.
John Gottman, Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage

There are no important differences between men and women, but the unimportant ones are sometimes very interesting.
Ashleigh Brilliant

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