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December 16, 2012

Great Reads

Here are some of the many valuable articles I have found on marriage blogs during recent weeks. Please take a moment to browse through the list. There is information and inspiration here for everyone.

Great Gifts For Husband or Wife - If you are still struggling with holiday shopping and looking for the right gift for your mate, this article by Patty Newbold at Assume Love might make you rethink the whole process.

Commitment in Love - Dr. Rich Nicastro at Strengthen Your Relationship explains why we need a secure foundation of commitment to keep love strong.

How to Be Romantic Without Cards, Flowers or Chocolate - Sean at Simple Marriage has some advice on how to break away from the cliches and make romance personal again.

Avoid Fights About Money - Loren Berlin at the Huffington Post outlines the best strategies to avoid financial conflicts in your relationships.

Five Proven Steps to Protect Your Marriage - Rick Reynolds at Affair Recovery offers some simple steps to invest in your marriage and protect yourself against infidelity.

How to Stay in Love - At The Power of Two, the longest-married couple shares the secrets that have enabled them to maintain a happy, healthy connection for 87 years.

2 fabulous comments:

  1. Great list, Rosemary and the last post on How to Say in Love about the couple married for 87 years was especially moving.

  2. Great selection Rosemary. I hadn't seen that last post 'How to stay in love' so that was a great find. Thanks for sharing and have a great week,


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