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April 20, 2013


by guest blogger Lana Cooper

In the words of a classic rock tune, "Some say love / It is a flower." Similarly, there is a saying that insists we should always "take time to stop and smell the roses." Modern life, being what it is, often interferes with taking a pause, however brief, to enjoy the simple beauty of our surroundings. Yet sometimes you have to take the time back, wresting it away from all of the day's pressures and jam-packed schedules.

What the old saying doesn't suggest, however, is that you thank the flowers after you're done smelling them. Metaphorically speaking, that doesn't mean you should traipse through your local park calling out, "Hey, Mr. Daffodil! Thanks for the pleasant aroma your petals have just imparted to my day!" (You might wind up seeing someone chasing after you with a net!) However, expressing gratitude for all of the beautiful things in your life can make you more consciously aware of each thing -- or person -- that makes your world a little brighter.

Without a doubt, your partner helps to bring joy to your life. With so much going on, it can be easy to take that joy for granted. Yet there are a number of ways in which you can not only make time to appreciate your partner, but to let him or her know just how much they mean to you.

Little Things Mean A Lot

Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays come only once a year. But it's what you do in the days between each of those milestones that mean more than any elaborate gesture trotted out once or twice each year. Little things like doing his or her laundry (if you know the right settings for cashmere sweaters!) or offering to take their plate into the kitchen and wash it when you see them comfortably ensconced in front of the tube, watching their favorite television program. It's thoughtful, conscientious "little things" like this that will let you both know how thankful you are to have one another in your lives.

I Just Called (or emailed, or texted) To Say I Love You

Let your partner know that you’re thinking about him or her throughout the day. A quick phone call when they're leaving work or just a fast, thoughtful email sent on your lunch break is a great way to connect with them throughout the day and see how everything is going. Modern communication is a wonderful asset to take advantage of when it comes to letting your partner know how much you care -- and helping up the romance quotient within your relationship. No matter how long you've been together, a sweet word or two -- or even a cute four-line poem or quirky/sweet haiku you've composed yourself and texted to your mate can be a great way to let them know how happy they make you.

You're My Best Friend

Very often, we confuse casual acquaintances with real friendships. And sometimes we may be more hesitant to share certain things with our partners than we do with platonic friends. For better or worse, your partner is your best friend and the person who will share all of your life's best and worst moments. Share things of importance with your partner and laugh about little things together. It will only enrich your relationship and offer an unspoken way to share your gratitude.

This article was written by Lana Cooper, a Philadelphia resident who enjoys reading, writing, and pop culture. Check out more relationship and love articles here.

2 fabulous comments:

  1. These are all great points, Lana! Although my husband and I are together all day because we run a business together, we still have to make sure we don't take each other for granted. The little things you mention have to become habit. It's so different for us than it used to be. We were so tired and I just assumed he'd be there for me. Now I remind myself to make sure he knows it every single day - several times a day. Thank you for writing!

  2. Ah, this reminds me that I must complete Mon Cheri's BDay poem soon. What a nicely written reminder to always be an attentive and sensitive partner. We certainly are best friends and forever getting into trouble together!


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