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May 26, 2013

Nobody Has a Perfect Marriage

Your parents didn't have a perfect marriage.
Your best friend doesn't have a perfect marriage.
Your neighbors don't have a perfect marriage.
The popular girl from high school doesn't have a perfect marriage.

The president doesn't have a perfect marriage.
Your friends who are so smug about their marriage don't have a perfect marriage.
Your marriage counselor doesn't have a perfect marriage.
I don't have a perfect marriage.

What we all have is a work in progress.

It is a project we build together. Sometimes it gets better, sometimes it gets a little worse. It is the very foundation of our life, but there may be times when we wonder what the hell we are doing here.

Our skills improve with experience.

This project is never quite finished. We get older, circumstances change, things happen. There is sickness and health. We get richer or poorer. Adjustments are needed. Maybe we shut it down for repairs. Maybe we turn it around and take it in an exciting new direction.

Now and then we stop for a progress report. Are we there yet? Mmm, almost. It's looking good. Let's just tighten up this part over here. I like this. What's next?

What we build is not the perfect marriage. But it just might be the marriage that is perfect for us.

10 fabulous comments:

  1. Great thoughts and so very true. Two imperfect people cannot have a perfect relationship. We are always growing, always getting better, never quite there yet, but always reaching towards the mark. And at the end of the day, we come realize that, as you've pointed out, that it might not be the perfect marriage, but it's the one that's perfect for us. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts.

  2. AnonymousMay 27, 2013

    I was praying this exact thing this morning, keeping our eyes on Jesus!!

  3. Rosemary!!! You've worked absolute wonders with so few words. Gorgeous stuff here.

    When everyone is making an effort, it has the feeling that it is still worth working on. The constant tweaking is actually fun and for us has been an acceptance and admission of change.

  4. "What we all have is a work in progress."

    YES! Love this! 100% agree and love the idea of a marriage that is perfect FOR US.

    People suffer SO MUCH looking for perfect. The truth is there is no perfect, there is only us, doing the best we can everday.

    I feel like Church! Sing it Sister!

  5. So true, Rosemary. It's never, ever perfect. I really love your writing on this topic. Beautiful.

  6. Ngina, CJ, Maggie, Tammy - Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I was feeling a lot of emotion when I wrote this.

  7. Yes! It's funny because the marriage quote graphic I'm posting either tonight or in the morning has a very similar quote. Yeah :).

  8. My husband and I just had a neighbor die, leaving his wife alone. Made us really appreciate our time together. Until he leaves all that spare mustard on his plate after every meal and then I want to kill him. Naturally.

  9. I needed to find this blog tonight...thank you. I know these things most of the time but when your down sometimes you lose sight. Its nice to read perspective from others. My husband and I have 6 wonderful years together. (Lol, at the comment from Amy).

  10. Thanks for leaving the link to this Rosemary. It's so true. We don't always get to see what goes on within the four walls of someone's house, so what looks like a perfect marriage on the outside can be crumbling on the inside. Also, people don't like to openly say that they are having issues within their marriage, so it always looks as if everything is going perfectly well, when it's not. Great post and Happy New Year.


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