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December 6, 2013

Not Just for Married Folks

I got a comment recently from someone who felt this blog was of no interest to her because she isn't married. There is no doubt that the focus of my writing here is on long-term relationships founded on love and commitment. At the same time, I know that all of us live within a larger context.

The world is all around us, and it includes every kind of interaction and relationship that we have. We go to work, we have extended families, we interact with close friends as well as vague acquaintances, we meet people briefly as we move around and get things done. The principles behind successful intimate relationships are, more often than not, based on the principles behind successful relationships of any kind.

Here are just a few articles whose information or advice can be applied everywhere, not just at home.

  • Apologies Made Easy - Knowing when and how to apologize is one of the skills of mature, successful people. You can use it whenever the situation calls for it, at work, at play, at home.
  • Are You Being Fair? - Fairness means understanding and accommodating different needs, adjusting to changing circumstances, looking reality in the face rather than focusing on a list of imaginary rules.
  • Remember Who's Watching - If there are children around, you are influencing them in more ways than you may know.
  • One Way to Settle an Argument - A more productive way to handle disagreements.
  • Knowing When to Trust - Whether you are dealing with a spouse, relative, friend, or business associate, the ability to spot trustworthy behavior is crucial.
  • We Just Disagree - The negative behaviors that ruin marriages can ruin any kind of relationship. If you treat your co-workers this way, they too will want a divorce.
  • The Five Layers of Why - Learn how to uncover the root causes of problems in business as well as your personal life.
  • Third Alternatives - Sometimes referred to as a win-win solution, finding a third alternative is a great way to resolve a seemingly insurmountable disagreement with anyone.


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