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December 13, 2013

Seven Romantic Gifts For Your Special Someone

by guest blogger Alicia Lawrence

It's the holiday season, and if you've got a special someone in your life, that means time for romantic sleigh rides, smooching under the mistletoe, and exchanging presents.

For some couples, this can be a pretty stressful ordeal. After all, the gift you give says a lot about what you think of your significant other, and you want to get them something you know they'll love.

But fear not. Finding the perfect gift doesn't have to be as daunting as it might seem. Whether your sweetheart loves jewelry, accessories, kitchenware or home d├ęcor, we've got all kinds of great ideas sure to sweep them off their feet.

Infinity Bracelet

Customize your Christmas gift with this Etsy shop that creates various colored leather bracelets. You can even pick the different designs such as a cross, infinity, anchor or double hearts that give this gift such a special meaning. Buy it for $7.99 on Etsy.

Sexy Activity Book for Couples

Spice up your love life with "Let's Get Naked." This hilarious book has activities, games, puzzles, and adult adventures for you and your love one to enjoy on those cold winter nights. You can find it on Gifts.com for $14.95.

Ceramic Asiana Tea Pot

If the guy or girl in your life has an affinity for tea, nothing says, "I love you" like a high quality tea pot. Include a package of their favorite kind of tea and you're all set! Get it for $50.99 from Ceramcor.

Something Inscribed

Whether it's a ring, Bible, or pocketknife, inscribing a romantic note onto a gift is a great way to give your special someone something they will never forget. Use a quote, special saying for you two, or even an important date for the inscription.

Cuddle Kit

You don't need to spend a lot of money for a romantic Christmas gift. Give your loved one your own DIY Cuddle Kit For Two for under $20. Find a basket and fill it with a blanket, a sparkling drink, chocolates, a candle and maybe a romantic CD or movie.

Dry Erase Calendar Wall Decals

If your loved one is always on the go, they'll appreciate this fresh take on the traditional calendar with the dry erase feature that allows them to make changes to their schedule as they happen. Bonus points if you give this as a gift with a few romantic date nights or a get-away weekend written in! Buy it for $23.49 from RoomMates Decor.

DIY Coupon Book

An old favorite is the coupon book. Tailor the book to what you know would make your loved one smile. A few coupon ideas are taking out the trash, cleaning the car, foot massage, or treat them to a special dinner. Make the coupon book yourself or you can buy it for $9.95 here.

Hopefully, these suggestions have given you some good ideas for gifts this holiday season. With a little thought and creativity, you can find the perfect present your sweetheart is sure to love (almost as much as they love you)! So whether you're hitting the malls or the web, remember to have fun with it, and happy shopping!

Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for an SEO company and blogs in her free time at MarComLand.com. Her articles have been published by Engaged Marriage, Ask Miss A, and Examiner.com.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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