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November 23, 2015

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

It's hard to tell if this was intended seriously. The idea is that, if your sweetheart is out of town -- or if you are single and lonely -- you can comfort yourself by cuddling up to this pillow in place of the missing man.

Apparently there is a market for this, if only as a gag gift, as there are several competing products listed on the page. One drawback they all seem to share is that they all are left-armed. If you are used to snuggling on the right side, you may be out of luck.

Besides, no matter how it is shaped, a pillow lacks so many important qualities -- body heat, chest hair, and the other half of the torso. On the other hand (heh-heh), it won't snore, and it won't kick you if you do.

I'm not going to buy one of these any time soon. But I did enjoy reading the many satirical reviews.

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