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November 22, 2015


The built-in spell checker is unable to find all spelling errors. All it does is check to see if a word is in the dictionary. It does not complain when I call it a spool chucker. It doesn't know the difference between loose and lose, or between their, there and they're. If I type "This is two mush too bare," it just doesn't care. If I peak when I should have peeked, its interest will not be piqued.

That's why it's such a good idea to proofread blog posts before hitting the publish button. Knowing that proofreading one's own work can be difficult (we tend to see what we expect rather than what we actually typed), it's very helpful to get a picky friend to look things over.

Sometimes I see a typo that managed to sneak into an old post. Now and then, someone points out a mistake that slipped by me. I correct them.

Good spelling makes articles easier to read, and it increases the chance that readers will understand what I'm trying to say. It also protects me from "gotcha" moments with my English students.
Image courtesy of Phaitoon at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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