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April 24, 2012

A Titanic Date Night

Dinner and a movie is the classic date night. That's exactly what my hubby and I chose this past weekend. We went to an afternoon showing of Titanic 3D, followed by dinner at our local CPK.

Like just about everyone else in the country, we had seen this movie when it was first released in 1997, and had really enjoyed it. It combines great story telling with impressive visual effects and enjoyable performances. Even though you know, more or less, how it's going to end (the ship sinks!) there are plenty of suspenseful moments. This time, having seen it before, we really knew what was going to happen, but that didn't matter. The 3D remake worked well, and even though 15 years have passed, the quality of the models and digital effects is just as impressive now as then. The film was exciting and fun to watch, and we didn't even notice how long it is (over three hours).

It's possible to get Titanic on DVD and Blu-ray, but I wouldn't want to see this on a small screen. It's a big picture about big things!

After the movie, we were hungry. It took a while to get dinner, since we were in a section that was being served by a very clueless young man (who eventually got some much-needed help from a more experienced waitress). But the food, once it arrived, was good. Even though the new lemon cake looks tempting, we skipped dessert and went home feeling relaxed, happy and romantic. And that's what Date Night is all about.

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  1. Here's a follow-up on the lemon cake mentioned above. My hubby surprised me by stopping at the grocery store on his way home yesterday and buying a slice of lemon cake. He poured a little limoncello over it and we enjoyed it together after dinner. Wow! It was delicious, and about half the price of having it in the restaurant.


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