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February 6, 2015

Things I Do That Annoy My Husband

[This is the first entry in a series.]

Sometimes I watch TV with the sound off.

The mute button makes TV better. Not all the time, of course. But some programs are just fine without words.

Imagine a nature show about lions chasing gazelles. They catch them or they don't. Nobody needs to explain that to me. Or an old TV rerun that I've come across halfway through and don't care what it's about. I can guess at the story, without hearing the corny dialogue.

Or a basketball game. I can see exactly what is going on.

Sometimes I'm in transition, waiting for the start of something I want to see, and I don't want to be irritated by the chatter and sound effects of whatever is on in the meantime.

I have been known to watch the news with the sound off, because the ticker at the bottom of the screen is often much more informative than the trivial blah-blah of the talking heads.

Sometimes it's just the visual equivalent of "white noise" while I think about other things.

This doesn't always make sense to Hubby, who wants the full experience of both pictures and sound. He wants to know exactly what's going on. When he sees me sitting in front of a silent TV he just shakes his head with a bemused expression. When he asks, "What is this?" and I tell him I'm not sure, he is baffled. I indulge him by turning the sound on.

One night, I started watching a symphony orchestra with the sound off. He knew I was just teasing him, and we both had a good laugh.

To say this "annoys" my husband may be putting it too strongly. It just isn't his style, and he doesn't quite understand why it appeals to me. But there is no real problem here. I don't demand that he watch the muted TV. If he isn't planning to join me, he just chuckles and moves on. Otherwise, I'm happy to bring back the sound so we can be entertained together.

Accepting each other's little habits supports the friendship that is the foundation of a happy marriage.

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1 smart person said something:

  1. Aww how cute! My husband automatically hits mute whenever a commercial appears. It's fine because most of them are annoying, but he never gets to see those gems that occur every so often and almost always around holidays.


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